Saturday, September 15, 2007

Introducing baby Natalie

You may have thought I would have posted this a while ago?!! My little sister Sharlene who is two years younger than me ( I wont say :) had a baby on August 22. They are so proud of her I am too...I was just waiting for photos, and being lazy about writing. My BIL and sister have decided to honor guess who me! They named there sweet love Natalie after me. I am honored and touched by this, its a huge deal to be named after someone! I have had things named after "Oh you pulled a Natalie!" that would be whatever fill in the blank.
I come from a strong Hispanic family and there is a bond with sisterhood ( I am sure its with many races, but my family believes its because we are Hispanic:) My sister and I have a very unique bond where we can finish each others sentences, were we can read each other faces and know exactly what we mean. We were raised in the Virgin Islands and our culture was so different than where we live today. We had no mall, no intranet, no computer, no cell phones, no IM, Text, no answering machine, okay have I just described everyone raised in the 80's?! To share a little about how different I need to explain my family dynamic a little ..bear with me...
My grandmother (she is like the Godmother in a mafia movie, she even looks like it and calls the shots!) Maria has three daughters. One Aunt "TIA" Yvonne the oldest who is hilarious and loving and sweet and WISE (due to old age :) she has a daughter Monica. Then comes my mom who has three daughters and a son. Then my Tia Cynthia, fire and Ice, Sweetheart and dangerous and who has two children one son named after my uncle Oscar married to Cynthia and a daughter named after her Cynthia. see we have Nine women in the intermediate family. That may not seem a big deal to you...however these are nine HISPANIC women. We have been trained in the art or listening to 4 conversations at once, talking with our hands, stretching the truth( I promise, I don't do this anymore!),greeting each other with a kiss, and gathering in the kitchen! We can go without talking for weeks and pick up right where we left off. I compare my family to a mafia, because I promise you that if anyone were to mess with us, my Aunts more Tia Cynthia would come after you. And it doesn't stop there, we have cousins who are like sisters, and brothers, Uncles who are like dads, Tia's who are like mothers. Also we come together for each other. I cant tell you how many times my Tia's have called me after I came home with Ruby to check how I am doing. So this being said my sister and I have a super glue bond, I can't get rid of her and she can't we fear a beating from my Tia Cynthia! The other thing about my sister....I have a confession I tourchered her as a child. Yes, me Natalie, I made her life a living hell. For instance one day I pretended that I lost my voice we were about 4 and 6 and she started talking to me all of a sudden I grabbed my throat and started to whisper "I can't talk...Sharlene get help...I can't....Cough Cough and then my voice gone! Sharlene so innocent started to cry "Natalie...please please talk...Oh no...mommy..." I think this went on for a few hours my sister was moved my the miracle when I started to speak again. Then she had a cat, "Mesh" my brother and I dropped from the top story a few times to prove the point that cats fall on there feet always. Then my sisters greatest fear Gun-go-lows, a worm that looked like a millipede, my idea was to have my brother and I collected them in a cup we did it to the top and dumped them on her head. I know horrid, yet she names her daughter after me. Speechless!


Heckert's Highway said...

You're awesome. I still remember first hanging out with you and Frank. You guys had me laughing so hard!! I couldn't believe the things you said. I would never have had the guts you had !!! You crack me up girl!! I think it is so cool to have your sweet niece named after you. Watch out world, if she is anything like her Tia Natalie!!

Lindsey said...

Congrats to Sharlene and her hubby. Baby Natalie is beautiful!

Julie_JoshB said...

WOW WOW WOW she is amazing! Just beautiful...and u used AGCI? how old is she? did u request a girl? tell me everything! so happy u contacted me!!!

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