Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back to school Night..

Back to school and yes already. The boys meet there teachers today. A is in a four day Preschool program and J is in first grade. They are excited and I am nervous my almost seven (September 9th) and will be in school all day. I know he is where he is suppose to be I don't question that I have a peace about him there, I am just going to miss him. A my monkey (4 on the 21st of September), will be in a preschool that meets at an Elementary school the preschool will assist A with his small speech delay and help him establish more awareness of his surroundings, this one makes me chuckle because A is completely fearless...no joke he walks into traffic without thought, so lets see how this lesson pans out! Its J first day of school tommrow and he got to choose what we eat tonight and gets to choose the mornings breakfast also...I know I am trying to be super mom here!

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Heckert's Highway said...

They are so dang cute!!! I can't wait to hear how A's first day goes. Love ya!!!

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