Sunday, August 5, 2007

Something about the Ocean...

The boys and I enjoyed two days at the beach with our best friend's the Heckerts. We had so much fun. We packed up and headed there two moms and four Boys. Our friends left early Saturday leaving me...with some alone quiet time. I must say every time I am at the Ocean the Lord shows me things about my heart...I don't like so much :( That's because there is no Internet or TV or phone, and I can just listen.
Some things I wont share...because its just that bad! One thing I don't mind sharing is my ability to have a loose tongue. I talk too much! When I am frustrated, when I am sad, when I am lonely. Instead I need to enter the throne with that heart and listen at the Lords feet and open the Word and there alone will I be comforted. I end up with a list of things I need to seek forgiveness and feel like an idiot and lay down my pride. I also am guilty of listening to lies of condemnation. If I have wronged a friend, or spouted out to much, I apologize and with gracious relationships forgiveness has been granted but then I live in the guilt forever and feel unworthy of any ones friendship. I was reminded of new mercies and as freely as I have been given so freely I should give.
One thing I was reminded of this weekend was that The Lord weighs the heart of a man. That job belongs to no one else.
I end with the lyrics of this awesome song Ocean by Ten Schekel Shirt.

Lately, I've been thinking about You And lately, I've been dreaming of You And lately, I can't get You out of my head. Get You out of my head
chorus:Something about the ocean Makes me rise up and praise Something about the heavens Makes me stand in awe again Something about the sunrise Reminds me of Your faithfulness Something about the ocean And I'm lost in love again
I'll sing until I sense a smile Upon Your great and lovely face And till I know Your glory's in this place Your glory's in this place


Journey of the Heart said...

Beautiful post! I love that song too. Gods mercy is new every morning. What an awesome blessing.

Journey of the Heart said...

Wait a minute - I just read your older post - I thought you were supposed to be in Addis already?!?

Teabo Chica said...

Jouney of the heart...what is your blog? I cannot get on and would like to read about you? We leave in two days!!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!