Thursday, August 23, 2007

First Ethiopian Food Expierence!

On Sunday we had our first Ethiopian meal. Yes, I know it may not look so appetizing, but its quiet the adventure. We sat down, and the waitress brought a basin and pitcher of warm water where we washed up, no towels were provided so shake shake shake. The bready looking thing on the bottom of the platter is called Injera you use it as a "tortilla" for the food. (Does not taste like tortilla, that would be awesome!) It has a spongy like texture, and I told Frank once in my life is okay. I was so glad they included lettuce and onion and tomato because I added that and it was good. PRAISE GOD for Coke Cola, you gotta love that every where in the world you can get this drink, we washed it down with Coke. Ahh. We were with four other families on our team and had begun to bond very well by this time. CHAT! (inside joke :) There were five kids going home on our trip and that was exciting. Two infants including Ruby, a 18-m old with his older sister was is 4, another sweet four year old girl, and a 6 year old boy. At this point we were still jet-lagged and awe struck by the people of Ethiopia.

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