Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day number 1

We woke up to a broadcast prayer at 4:30 AM by Muslims and then at 5:30 by the Christian Orthodox. So we didn't not get to much sleep. We were to meet Almaz (the director at Hannah's Hope) at 9. The morning was cold and rainy. We walked a cobblestone street with flood waters coming down towards us, up to Hannah's Hope. Opened the red doors protected by a tall garden hedge. Birds singing, and kids laughing. We were told to wait in Almaz's office for Blen (Ruby's Ethiopian name.) When we saw Almaz walking in with Ruby, I was so speechless, what do I say this moment that I thought of the most romantic things I would say...all I could say was "wow". I had planned on saying wonderful things, I promise I have dreamt of this day for so long, "wow"!? I was in awe! She was so little smaller than the pictures, and so much more beautiful! Frank was so cute. All he could do was smile shyly. We went into another room where there was another family who was adopting a six year old and we got to see how sweet that can also be. We then went to an Ethiopian Church, were strange enough there were tons of white faces and the sermon was even by an American! I got to praise in Africa, my dream come true! It was an awesome first day.

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