Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Arrival In Ethiopia!

Look at our eyes, we were jet-lagged and so tired. By the way we flew Lufthansa and totally recommend it! They were right on it, we were never hungry or thirsty. GO LUFTHANSA! Here is am getting my Visa. Here is Frank in a self portrait of what "Jet-lagged" looks like. When we meet our drivers and were taken out of the airport, we were really surprised as to how much Muslims were there, I didn't see an Ethiopian woman in normal Western clothing. Did I not get the memo? We were taken to our hotel by "Angel" the hotel director and "Danny" our driver. We looked out the windows as we drove listening to Bob Marley (not kidding) and all I could do was smell the diesel filled air and cry. I was here. The other thing that was really shocking to me was the poverty, I knew there was poverty but oh my this was beyond words. I had been to third world countries before, but never had I seen the amount of people sleeping on cardboard's like this. Never. I was in for a humbling experience, I just knew it.

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Lindsey said...

Jet Lag has never looked so good Frank!

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