Friday, July 27, 2007

So the matching starts NOW!!

I have always giggled at moms who dressed there kids the same, not in a bad way..just in a "Sound of Music".. love silly giggle. So...why on earth did I have the guts to get these for Ruby? I couldn't stand it...its too cute to have us both have pink Converse. I am sure it wont be the only thing I color coordinate or even match. Just had to share!
So we have two weeks exactly to go...Am I excited, lots of people have asked? You know my son J reminded me of how excited everyone is and happy about Ruby...then he hit me with some words. "Mom,..but Ruby's mom must be so sad." Ouch! He is right, I have forgotten a broken heart in my joy. It really broke me the reminder of my son. It made me break, so I have just had a broken heart and my joy has became grief again for her mom. I have prayed and begged the Lord to help me out of this pit, but I think He allowed me to wallow in it for just a bit. What the enemy meant for harm...the Lord will use for God. I believe that I trust that is the unfailing Word of Truth. We have kept a big part of Ruby's story private to protect her. Please continue to pray for me for her momma. Pray that I can meet her and share a hug with her and perhaps if she lets me weep with her.


Josh said...

I just talked to Francis! I am so excited for you guys. Jennie and I have been praying for you 2 during this whole adoption process and I am so glad that it is almost complete. All you have to do now is fly ALL THE WAY around the world! I told Frank if it's a German Airline free Heineken for everyone!! whoo-hoo. Anyway I love you guys and miss you and can't wait to get all of the updates.

Francis' East Coast Lover

PS I love the pink chuck's!

Journey of the Heart said...

Beautiful post!! Praying for you all as you go through so many emotions on your way to your daughter. Oh and another big fan of Chucks!

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!