Monday, June 25, 2007

Worth the Wait.

I am telling you that since the day we found out about our baby "B", my heart has been pounding racing and just extreme emotions for me. Some good some sad. Sometimes I worry that I am to excited to be sad...about Hudson. I know its so silly, yet sometimes I think okay I need to grief a little today. I feel like that's the very thing that connects me to Hudson. I know he would want us to be excited, I know. So pray for peace and that I can just soar in this much needed joy.

"F" and I had dinner with the Spears some friends that just came home with there baby girl from China a few weeks ago. Oh she is cute."F" said to this baby girl approaching him , "Hi Buddy." I said to him...ahh she is a girl she can't be called "Buddy." So for the first time I heard him call anyone this he said "oh...Hi sweet pea." Can I just say I melted..."sweet pea." That will be our new name for baby "B". A few names we call our boys...Dude, Buddy, Buster, Rocket man, Big Guy. Chime in with any names you use for girls....would love the help with a shift of focus. :)


S, K, A & S said...

Hi Frank and Natalie,
I don't know if you will remember us, but we are the parents of Alistair who was Hudson's neighbor during the first weeks of both of their lives in the NICU at Children's. We have thought about you and you family much over the past year and were very sorry and sad to hear about Hudson. Ever since we left the hospital, we have kept you in our thoughts and prayers. Reflecting upon the last year, we were compelled to see if we could find out how you are and were delighted to see your blog! We wish you luck on your path of adoption and hope you are all doing well. If you want to see how Alistair is doing, please visit our blog at He has done remarkably well over the past year - he will have to have a heart valve replacement in the future, but hopefully not for a while.
If you would like to get in touch, you can email Kelly at Take care!
Seth, Kelly & Alistair Hennessey

Journey of the Heart said...

Oh girl I'm so excited for you. I can't imagine the emotions your feeling with all you've faced in the last year. Praying for all of you. I love your sweet onesie! Its perfect.

As for girlie nick names - our girls have been sweet pea, punkin, sweetie, little one, baby girl, princess pea, girlie, you'll come up with a bunch more as soon as she is in your arms I'm sure. :)

Blessings my friend!

Full_Quiver said...

I just found your blog and I guess I found it at the best time. I am excited to see you bring home your sweet girl. I loved the sneak peek of you daughter! We have 4 girls and 1 boy and will soon be adopting 2 boys from Zambia. As for girly nicknames we often say, "Beauty" or "my love" or "my lovey girl"

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!