Monday, June 25, 2007

Referral Day Monday June 18

This Monday was not an ORDINARY Monday. I woke up feeling really anxious and really unsettled. You know the way animals act before a storm, that's why I looked like. I had the very pressing feeling that DH needed to work on his expired passport. He left for Costco and went to go get his pictures taken, he called me one the way to the Post Office to let me know he was sending in his renewal...oops he forgot his passport home, so he was on his way back. Right when he pulled up we a call from Julie at AGCI our agency. I will post a bit of the conversation below.

Julie: Hi N how is your day?

N: "Oh all right, how are you?"

Julie;"great I am calling with some good news?"

N: Thought: I must be bumped up to number 3... "Okay lets hear it."

Julie: "I have a referral for you to consider adding to your family"

Enter "F" notices I am on phone as so whispering to me..." I think I should wait the full 10+Weeks for the passorts.

N: pushing finger to lips and mouthing "This is the call."

N to Julie: "F" is right here. Tell me everything."

Julie: " Gives us information on baby that I cannot post due to laws in Ethiopia and our agency to protect kids at Hannah's Hope.

I can say that she is a few weeks old, and that she is ohh.....the cutest thing ever!

N: Cant even think or listen...just want to see her!

Julie: "Finishes with you want to see her."

N: wanting to scream but it came out like a whisper "YES!"

Julie: Let me know what you think, I will let you see her, you can call me later."

"F" and I had to kick poor "A" off his Webkinz game, because we could not even wait. We opened the email and just feel in love with her.

Minutes later we called with the if we even needed to think about it.

Once she is officially ours we will post her picture as well as a little God story Baby "B".


Amy said...

Congratulations!! Can't wait to see her! Ethopia must have made some new laws about posting referral pictures because we were never told we could not...but a lot of others have not been able to post their referral pictures either. She is so young! When will you travel over?? I am sure she is a beauty! Thanks for the blog comments....Yes, not a problem if you want to add my blog to your list. :)

Taylor Madison said...

Amazing! =) You guys'll have a little girl in your arms very soon! Congratulations - as I was reading this post I started crying tears of joy and excitement for you and for this precious baby! We can't wait to learn more about her. You're in our prayers!

The Mobergs

Jana said...

So exciting!!! Congrats!

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