Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sneak Peak!

So here is a sneak peak of our little princess. So we know she is friendly she is waving at us, we know she has curly hair like me :). When I get to show the rest of her, you will melt! Trust me.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Worth the Wait.

I am telling you that since the day we found out about our baby "B", my heart has been pounding racing and just extreme emotions for me. Some good some sad. Sometimes I worry that I am to excited to be sad...about Hudson. I know its so silly, yet sometimes I think okay I need to grief a little today. I feel like that's the very thing that connects me to Hudson. I know he would want us to be excited, I know. So pray for peace and that I can just soar in this much needed joy.

"F" and I had dinner with the Spears some friends that just came home with there baby girl from China a few weeks ago. Oh she is cute."F" said to this baby girl approaching him , "Hi Buddy." I said to him...ahh she is a girl she can't be called "Buddy." So for the first time I heard him call anyone this he said "oh...Hi sweet pea." Can I just say I melted..."sweet pea." That will be our new name for baby "B". A few names we call our boys...Dude, Buddy, Buster, Rocket man, Big Guy. Chime in with any names you use for girls....would love the help with a shift of focus. :)

Referral Day Monday June 18

This Monday was not an ORDINARY Monday. I woke up feeling really anxious and really unsettled. You know the way animals act before a storm, that's why I looked like. I had the very pressing feeling that DH needed to work on his expired passport. He left for Costco and went to go get his pictures taken, he called me one the way to the Post Office to let me know he was sending in his renewal...oops he forgot his passport home, so he was on his way back. Right when he pulled up we a call from Julie at AGCI our agency. I will post a bit of the conversation below.

Julie: Hi N how is your day?

N: "Oh all right, how are you?"

Julie;"great I am calling with some good news?"

N: Thought: I must be bumped up to number 3... "Okay lets hear it."

Julie: "I have a referral for you to consider adding to your family"

Enter "F" notices I am on phone as so whispering to me..." I think I should wait the full 10+Weeks for the passorts.

N: pushing finger to lips and mouthing "This is the call."

N to Julie: "F" is right here. Tell me everything."

Julie: " Gives us information on baby that I cannot post due to laws in Ethiopia and our agency to protect kids at Hannah's Hope.

I can say that she is a few weeks old, and that she is ohh.....the cutest thing ever!

N: Cant even think or listen...just want to see her!

Julie: "Finishes with you want to see her."

N: wanting to scream but it came out like a whisper "YES!"

Julie: Let me know what you think, I will let you see her, you can call me later."

"F" and I had to kick poor "A" off his Webkinz game, because we could not even wait. We opened the email and just feel in love with her.

Minutes later we called with the if we even needed to think about it.

Once she is officially ours we will post her picture as well as a little God story Baby "B".

Saturday, June 16, 2007

As we approach the days of summer. My boys have one mission all day guessed it ICE CREAM! They wait for the ice cream man every day rain or shine. They count their money they earn from pulling weeds, and washing dishes. J counts and recounts to make sure they have the exact amount. The funny thing is the ice cream truck comes around our corner only on hot days. You can imagine how many times that is in Western Washington. We are trying to keep our minds busy in the wait for baby sister. SOON????

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My unfinished cup O Joe!

Are you wondering why I have posted a picture of a cup of coffee? See this is no ordinary cup O Joe, this is my morning happiness! I wake up each morning to the excitement of my cup. I make myself earn it. I just need to make my bed and brush my teeth and then I can go get it. My DH makes the coffee each morning, and leaves a cup near the Coffee maker just for me. I fill it with that sweet dark love of mine. When I raise the cup my heart pounding in the eagerness to feel the warm ceramic to my lips and then sip right through the teeth down the throat and feel the warmth move down into my belly. I make a sigh sound "ahh", I can now begin the day. "Oh what I need to make breakfast, right....quick get your shoes on...oh don't forget to make your bed boys....did you get your homework in you bag from last night.....I don't know where you placed your toy...please don't stand on the table....Oh don't worry its just spilt milk(again)...your still hungry I have not even had breakfast....Let alone had my second sip of coffee!
Most days I never see the bottom of my cup, as I am sure most of you moms can relate.
I am writing on my cup because it symbolizes what God wants for us. He wants us to be filled with him always, he is the "ahh" of our days. The warmth in our souls. I have to remind myself he is still there! Have you had your fill today?
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!