Monday, April 30, 2007

A Treasure for Hudson

I post today to share with you a wonderful story of love and sacrifice of a dear friend. We have some special friends we have been pals with for ten years. My dear friend Warren is a man of few words. When Hudson passed away he didn't say much..yet I know that his love for our family is sincere. One day his wife asked me to come over. . She showed me this amazing box that her husband had made to put our "Hudson treasures". Warren made this box and this was his way to say He will always remember Hudson. I love this box its so beautiful and has his name carved into the wood. It reminded me that Our God had Hudson's name imprinted in his palm before he was even formed. Warren I will never forget your kindness and your "unspoken" sacrifice. You are dear to us.


Karen said...

Oh Natalie...what an amazing gift. You are so lucky to have such friends in your life. I know you will treasure this!
Love, Karen


Nat, I love your web site, but cant wait for you to share Ruby with us. And yes, she has your curly hair! love Mom

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!