Monday, April 30, 2007

A Treasure for Hudson

I post today to share with you a wonderful story of love and sacrifice of a dear friend. We have some special friends we have been pals with for ten years. My dear friend Warren is a man of few words. When Hudson passed away he didn't say much..yet I know that his love for our family is sincere. One day his wife asked me to come over. . She showed me this amazing box that her husband had made to put our "Hudson treasures". Warren made this box and this was his way to say He will always remember Hudson. I love this box its so beautiful and has his name carved into the wood. It reminded me that Our God had Hudson's name imprinted in his palm before he was even formed. Warren I will never forget your kindness and your "unspoken" sacrifice. You are dear to us.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Our Dossi...what? DOS-E-A

Our Dossier is in Ethiopia right now, waiting on translation. A dossier is paper work needed to be sent to the country of choice. Its has a home study which is a big production in itself. The home study is only one document in the Dossier. We had to go to Bellingham for an interview with our social worker and then she came to "study" our home and family. We also had to get massive paper work to include for our home study. F and I both had to answer 38 pages of questions on our lives. The other paper work included Birth certificates for everyone, marriage certificates, Doctor clearance for everyone also pets, Financial statements. 12 letters of reference, yes, twelve people (I LOVE YOU GUYS) wrote wonderful things about us to get accepted into the program. So all that was for a report called the home study. Then we had to get more documents for the dossier. As you can see from the pictures lots of work. day we will see the fruit of out labor.
Sorry to bore you with the above all that to say, once that has been translated to Ethiopian it will be walked in to the Ministry of Woman's Affair (MOWA) for acceptance. After we get clearance from both US (still waiting) and Ethiopia we can wait again for a picture of our baby. Pray for us as we wait...well for me....its a hard thing to wait!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

This Easter we celebrated Christ and His Resurrection together at Sunday Service. Of Course we had to share in the Easter basket ritual....after all its for the boys. The boys were excited to spend Easter at Grandma and Pappa's with cousins they love!
A was reminding us in the ride from church that HEAVEN IS ALIVE, he did mean Jesus, but how sweet the words.
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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!