Thursday, March 22, 2007

Welcome to US (our Blog that is)

Hello everyone. Finally we have our very own blog! This is where you can read about the wonderful life of the Teabo Tribe our journey to our baby girl in Ethiopia and all the latest musings on our tribe.
So far we have sent our Dossier (Big adoption paperwork) it will be sent to the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC to be authenticated and then to be translated. Then we wait to hear back from CIS (Citizenship and Immigration Services) on our application to adopt our baby and also our approval from the FBI. Then we wait and wait maybe 2-5 months to get a referral (a photo of our baby) when we accept our child we wait another 3-5 months to travel to Africa to go get her. Yes...alot of work! Yet we know that our Mighty Lord has given us so much love for Ethiopia and our unknown child. We also know that this will and can not replace our Sweet Hudson.
Yet in my heart I feel like we are doing this for Hudson. Hudson's life has changed us from the inside out. I am not sure that F and I would have ventured out to the field of the fatherless...but because of Hudson we have learned how much the human heart can hold.

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Betty Gannon said...

Hi Natalie, I am so happy for you and Frank. Adoption in a blessing from the Lord. Chris is almost 25 and Caitlin is 23. Chris is a Deputy Sheriff in Palm Beach County. Caitlin works at the front desk of the Doubletree and has blessed us with a beautiful grandchild. Anytime you wish to write my email is Love you, Betty Gannon

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Pray for sweet Abby Riggs!!